Carrera Valour Mountain Bike Review

Having A Closer Look At The Carrera Valour Mountain Bike

The Carrera Valour Mountain Bike is a mtb that is well rated amongst the mountain biking community at the moment. For someone who is thinking of taking up the sport, this bike would be the perfect option.

The frame is made up of alloy, making it lightweight. The cyclist will also enjoy the aluminium front suspension forks. These come along with 21-speed EZ fire trigger shifters, giving one a lot of options.

Carrera mountain bike has met the challenge, providing those who want to take on tough terrains. To do this you have to have equipment that is going to be handle it and the bike has been designed for that purpose.

The specifications include that of performance, strength as well as durability, which you have to say is not a bad combination in an off-road bike.

What are the features of the Carrera Valour MTB?
Carrera uses good quality equipment to ensure the bike goes the extra mile.

  • Kenda tyres, measuring 26″ x 2.10″ fitted onto double wall rims made of alloy.
  • An alloy frame – 6061, which is favored for being lightweight
  • 21-speed Shimano gearing system including TX55 rear match
  • Shimano EZ fire trigger shifters included
  • Good quality Suntour chainset – CW-XCC-V2
  • Braking is made reliable with Tektro alloy V-Brakes

Carrera Valour Mountain Bike Reviews

What others are saying
By having a look at the customer reviews, you will begin to realize that this is a bike to take note of. Many people enjoy the fact that the Carrera Valour MTB can actually be adapted into road bike by locking the suspension. There are a variety of reasons why people will go for a bike like this.

Carrera Valour Mountain Bike 2011/2012

It may be because they want an overall solid mountain bike to start off with or it may be because they want something for the weekends. Some people even enjoy the bike for commuting to work on, giving it even more versatility.

The fact that the gears are smooth and the brakes are sharp will give you a little extra confidence, knowing you have that much more safety than a lot of bikes on the market.

Are there any cons?
Of course you can always find a negative aspect to any product that you find on the market and it is important not to jump over this part. Fortunately, with this Carrera Valour mountain bike we can’t say that there is too much that stands out in a negative light.

You may find that the saddle is slightly uncomfortable, but this will depend on the individual. It will probably play more of a role to those who are new to the sport.

Overall, the Carrera Valour MTB stands out as a popular model, no matter what your cycling requirements may be. Coming from a brand that has been favoured all over Britain, one can have more confidence that this is another bike to be trusted in terms of quality and performance, which is definitely great value for money.

Carrera have been standing strong for 25 years and they just keep on growing. Standards that are produced are of an extremely high level and this shows in every model that they bring on to the market.

You can read more customer reviews about this Carrera Valour Mountain Bike at Halfords here.

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